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Best Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

It is a type of Auto Clicker that lets you click the mouse automatically without you doing it repeatedly with your hands.

Here is how to use GS Automatic Clicker...

There is a hotkey that you can configure on your Keyboard, and that will act as your mouse button. Furthermore, now you can configure this Keyboard key, and GS Auto Clicker will help you automate the clicking process.

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Mobile.

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OP Auto Clicker

It is a full-fledged type of auto clicker that can perform two modes of automatic clicking, dynamic cursor clicking, or click at a prespecified location.

The differentiating factor in OP Mouse Clicker is that a user can set the maximum amount of clicks to perform or also can be left empty if infinite clicks are needed.

Again the working background of OP Clicker is the hotkeys the same as GS Clicker.

Versions Available: v1.0.0.1, v1.0.0.2

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Murgee Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker by Murgee is one of the best auto clickers for games. With Murgee autoclicker, you can automate mouse clicking on any Mouse button at fixed or at the speed of your own choice.

The differentiating factor in Murgee mouse clicker is that you can start or stop the automatic clicking with just a single global Keyboard Shortcut. It also allows you to set up different configurations as per your need.

Available for: Windows 10 and other Windows Operating Systems

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Roblox Auto Clicker

It is not different from a traditional Automated clicker. This custom made auto clicker for Roblox is easy to use and can be triggered to generate historical data or any current inputs.

The Roblox clicker also works on any of the 3D games available online. Auto Clickers made for Roblox are designed in a way that they do not break the rules of the game and change them in any way possible.

Available for: Windows, Android.

Free Auto Clicker

These are free mouse clickers to automate clicking on your computer. Despite the fact they are free, they offer a large variety of functionalities, from setting up the X and Y coordinates to set up the time interval in which you want the automated click to happen.

Another differentiating part of these free auto clickers is that you can specify the time after which you want the software to stop the automatic clicking process. Isn't that cool?

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Android

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Perfect Automation

It is not similar to traditional automatic clickers. It is far more comprehensive than all of them. The Perfect Automation did not develop around one single objective, auto-clicking, instead it offers many features like Keyboard & mouse recording, Script editor, and scheduler.

Available for: 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7

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Free Mouse Clicker

Unlike Perfect Automation, Free Mouse Clicker is the simplest free auto clicker that does ONLY and ONLY the job of Automatic mouse clicking.

It is a single image software where you only have to set click intervals using the timer. It is recommended as one of the best auto-clicking tools if you are only after simplicity and want to automate only the mouse clicking.

Available for: Mac & Windows.

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Auto Click Typer

Another simple yet very targeted mouse click automation tool is a free Auto Click Typer for PC. It doesn't support any other extra functionality apart from Normal Auto clicking.

The Differentiation factor for this tool is that it can also record the typing and other actions that you do while you play games, and mimic them with utmost accuracy.

Available for: PC & Mac

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Mac Auto Clicker 1.1

It is an automatic mouse clicker tool that can be used to click at a predefined mouse cursor location any number of times you want.

It comes with no cost and that makes it a free auto clicker for Mac users. It supports many features like setting interval before click, between clicks, after clicks, automate stop after time, and click count times.

Available for: Mac

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What is Auto Clicker?

An Auto Clicker is a type of software or a program used to automate mouse clicking.

Commonly there are two types of Automatic Clicking Softwares, simple and complex.

A simple auto clicker is the one that only does the work of stimulating the mouse clicks. They ask for the minimum requirements, and can also work along with other programs already running on the computer.

Whereas the complex Auto Clicker is much more vast and complex, both functionality-wise as well as the advanced capabilities of taking the Keyboard inputs as well.

Auto Clickers act as a differentiating factor in playing video games. The repetitive mouse clicking can easily be achieved to outperform in popular games like Minecraft.

Uses of Auto Clicker

An Automated Clicking Software has many uses, but here I am listing a few important ones.

  1. In Gaming: Few Video games require repetitive clicking at a fast rate to achieve the desired target. In that case, it is appropriate to use Auto Clickers instead of slamming your finger too far that it causes trouble to your hand.
  2. In Testing: Auto Clicker is very useful at a place where you have to perform specific sets of instructions every time. In the case of testing products, you can easily record your activities and set additional conditions to automate the task through a tool like Perfect Automation.
  3. In Image Work: Use Auto Clicker in Image Work. Processing and resizing tons of images in Photoshop takes up a lot of time, in a scenario like this, you can record the click points using the Auto Clicker and put them on the automated process.

The other traditional uses of Auto Clickers are geolocation setting changes, auto-replying to texts, creating monthly backup files, executing Internet URLs and download links, locking the mobile device, time triggers, and several others.

Benefits of Auto Clicker

The main benefit of Auto Clicker is their ability to simplify and automate the repetitive tasks in a way that they can be done efficiently in less time.

In the end, Some Important tips

  1. While using Auto Clicker, never touch the mouse because it may disturb the running process.
  2. Some Automatic processes take up a long time. So it is always better if you have two PCs at home. One on which you can start the Automatic clicking Process, and on the other you can perform your daily work.
  3. Although working on auto clickers are way easy, but in the process where you require key pressing, it is always advisable to use Auto Key Presser along with Auto Clicker.
  4. When you use Auto Clicker, make sure you fill the click interval column with enough time so that your computer respond adequately.

Your Frequently Asked Questions answered here

  1. Is Auto clicker Illegal? In general, they are not illegal, but you can count them against the rules. They were removed from the code of conduct a long time ago.
  2. Is Auto clicker Safe? Yes, Auto Clickers only require the permission to control your mouse and keyboard. They are not harmful or contain any type of malware.
  3. Can you get banned in games if you use an auto clicker? Yes, the excessive use of the auto clicker in a game gets you banned. It is always advisable to use it for an hour max.

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